Excessive Temperature in the Hot Section

A common issue that some of our aircraft operators experience revolves around the excessive temperature in the hot section. We’ve put together a few recommendations that are aimed at increasing hot section life in your PT6 and PW100 engines. Oxidation life is driven by temperature and time, and thus reducing engine operating temperature will always […]

Engine Management Consulting

Engine management is a team effort. The shops that we work with always come highly recommended and do excellent work. That being said, it does happen sometimes that in the quick turnaround time of an efficient shop on occasion some things can be missed or overlooked. Over the years we have monitored numerous overhauls for […]

Preventative Maintenance

BG Aerospace continues to help operators all over the globe with money saving tips and tricks to keep the cost low, but the value high! In keeping with our series of tips and tricks, today’s focus is on preventative maintenance. Through our Engine Management program, BG Aerospace focuses on operations before, during, and even after […]

Security of Information

Security of Information in the Aviation Industry In recent months BG Aerospace has seen more and more cases of compromised data in the security of information in Aviation Industry. This is obviously not solely an industry specific issue, but since our industry generally deals with larger price ticket items, aviation is a prime target for […]

Detailed Record Keeping & How it Affects the Value of your Asset

BG Aerospace has recently seen an increased amount of scrutiny with trace issues on rotating group components for Pratt & Whitney PT6 and PW100 engine models. Many regulating authorities are requiring trace back to birth on rotating group components or at minimum an 8130 / Form One on the component when it was installed and […]