Engine Starting and ITT temperature

PT6A engine, PWC engine, Turboprop

Monitoring the health and well being of your engines is an essential part of your daily operations. Maintaining the value of your assets and saving money in the long term on shop visits, as well as regularly scheduled maintenance activities are key points to a successful business. Engine starting and ITT temperature are key aspects […]

Fuel Nozzles for PT6 series engines

PT6 fuel nozzles - Simplex & Duplex

When it comes to PT6, there are two main types of Fuel Nozzles; the Simplex and the Duplex. With Simplex fuel nozzles, you have two different nozzles; primary and secondary. Each nozzle has a single orifice. Simplex nozzles are typically set up as either all primary (in some engines), or in a ratio of 7 […]

Detailed Record Keeping & How it Affects the Value of your Asset

BG Aerospace has recently seen an increased amount of scrutiny with trace issues on rotating group components for Pratt & Whitney PT6 and PW100 engine models. Many regulating authorities are requiring trace back to birth on rotating group components or at minimum an 8130 / Form One on the component when it was installed and […]