Did you know that a very small and often overlooked component can play a major role on the performance of your engine? The Igniter plugs (or Spark Igniters) need to be inspected regularly to ensure serviceability. These little components are key during the engine start sessions. If left unchecked they can become unserviceable, having a major impact on performance. This can cause serious and expensive damage to some of the hot section components. We recommend regular inspections, simultaneous with your flow check of your fuel nozzles (not to exceed 200 hours).

For more tips and tricks on inspecting your igniter plugs, or any other components of your pt6a engines, let us know how we can help. You can contact a member of our team here for additional information.

You can also refer to your PWC Maintenance Manual for additional details and erosion limits.

PT6 engines tips and tricks for ensuring serviceability on Igniter plugs.