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Our Story

Founded in 2013, originally by Bernie Gale, there was a need in the industry to provide diverse, time trusted and reliable solutions to an ever growing market. Bernie saw opportunity to combine experience with new innovations and ideas to bring the BG team to new heights. Expanding into International and global markets the team grew with the addition of partners; Virginie and Fernand in Canada and South Africa respectively. With a combined experience of over 150 years in the aviation industry BG continues to grow and bring new solutions to every challenge we encounter. We’ve assembled the best aspects of each of us to bring you the most ideal solutions.

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The function of the Inertial Separator is to help prevent foreign object damage (FOD) to the engine.

Meet the BG Aero team!

Beginning in 2013 as a dream and through hard work, creativity, diligence as well as experience, BG has grown to be a global force in the Aviation industry. We are proud to be where we are today.

Be Great! It’s as simple as two words. Greatness comes from truth, integrity and helping others. We are here to help you through your engine processes.

The engine market is getting older and engine overhauls are no longer just a simple task of getting a rental and inputting an engine. For you to achieve the expectations of price and quality give us a call, 5 minutes on the phone can save you thousands of dollars. 

We know the challenges the economy presents to operators today. BG’s combined global experience is over 150 years in the Aviation Industry. Whether you have a small repair or complete overhaul, we have you covered. Our services are available tailor-made or complete coverage so you can get precisely what you need. Whatever your situation and the challenges you face, we have solutions.

When we work with you, we roll up our sleeves and become your business partner. We strengthen your team. Our success is measured by the success of your company and that’s why we invest in resources to keep your engines on the right track.

Bernie Gale

President, Owner
With over 40 years of Aviation experience from line maintenance and engine overhaul through customer service and sales. Together with building multiple PWC engine and material supply companies from 1999 to 2013 along with Airwork Corporation DDOF experience, Bernie has a broad knowledge base to help you through multiple industry situations. It has always been his mission to stop escalating costs by introducing alternative methods to lowering engine operating costs per hour. While work in Aviation is a 24/7 responsibility; you may find Bernie sailing during his downtime. Please feel free to call at any time as the anchor is never too far away…
BG Aerospace - Owner, Partner

Virginie Foisy

Owner, Partner, CEO
Virginie Foisy has been in the aviation industry since 2004. Working in the Sales and Distribution aspect of all airframe parts, she subsequently joined an Overhaul facility supporting overhauls of PT6, PW100 and T53 engines. She was responsible for the Canadian territory. As one of the 3 partners of the BG Aero team her goal is to provide a turn-key solution for all your aviation needs and impeccable customer service experience. She is extremely goal driven and will always be available to ensure the customer’s needs are met efficiently. When Virginie is not working she enjoys physical activities with her children and spending time in the gym. Please feel free to call at any time, she will drop the weights for you.
BG Aerospace - Owner, Partner

Fernand Foisy

Partner, Technical Trainer
Fernand has been in Aviation since 1973, starting his career at Pratt & Whitney Canada and remaining with them for 25 years. His expertise was gained with all P&WC engines in their overhaul facility. He subsequently spent 13 years with EADS SECA in Sales and Marketing and was their Field Service Rep. He has for 20 years gained extensive knowledge of the African market and their needs. He is also a SACAA approved Instructor on PT6, PW100, JT15D and the PW306 series engines. His knowledge and expertise has, and will continue to be, of great value to the clients of BG Aero. When not giving advice to clients at all hours, he enjoys outdoor activities and wildlife… He is available 24/7 even when deep in the bush trying to spot animals.
BG Aerospace - Director Ops & Marketing

Karyn Torrie

Director of Operations & Marketing
Karyn Torrie has over 10 years of experience in operations and another 5 in Marketing and Graphic Design. As the newest member of the BG Aero team, Karyn provides structure and support to the team and is the main point of contact for all things marketing related. Based out Canada, Karyn is driven to provide solutions for an ever-changing market. When Karyn is not working, her hobbies include karate with her son, spending time with family and learning new skills to stay sharp.

Lucas Bush

Material Coordinator

New to the Aviation industry, Lucas joins BG Aerospace with a wealth of experience in warehousing and organization. His knowledge of logistics and  warehouse management are essential to making our…

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