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Currently Available engines

BG Aerospace has experience with most types of turboprop engines including PT6A, PW100 and even JT15D series. Below is a listing of currently available engines.

Click on the serial number to have access to the full spec sheet.

PT6A-34AGPH01878,131.1011,032 flts1,2591,712 FSO0

Click on the serial number to have access to the full spec sheet.


Click on the serial number to have access to the full spec sheet.

ModelShaft / HPApproximate ship weight in lbsApproximate ship dimensionsAircraftTBONotes
PT6A-655062869 x 27 x 39Beech 87 King Air3600The PT6A-6 is the basic model in the PT6 Turboprop series.
PT6A-6A55062869 x 27 x 39King Air LJ-343600The PT6A-6A is similar to the basic model, but incorporates provisions for reversing propeller.
PT6A-6B55062869 x 27 x 39King Air LJ-353600Similar to the basic model, incorporating reversing mechanism, and using the PT6A-20 linkages..
PT6A-1150062869 x 27 x 39Piper Cheyenne 1A
Piper T1040
Air Tractor AT
3600The PT6A-11 is a de-rated PT6A-21.
PT6A-11AG50062869 x 27 x 39Air Tractor AT 402A/402B
Schweizer G-164B AG-Cat Turbine
3000Same as the PT6A-11, intended for agricultural use.
PT6A-15AG68062869 x 27 x 39Air Tractor AT 402A/402B
Air Tractor AT 502B
Frakes Turbo Cat Model A/B/C
Schweizer G-164B AG-Cat Turbine
3000Similar to the PT6A-27/28, intended for agricultural use.
PT6A-6/C2055062869 x 27 x 39King Air LJ-34
3600The PT6A-6A-6/C20 is the designation for the PT6A-6 engines brought up to PT6A-20 standards.
PT6A-2055062869 x 27 x 39Hawker Beechcraft 993600Similar to the basic model having a max continuous rating equal to T/O rating.
PT6A-20A55062869 x 27 x 393600Similar to the PT6A-20 with different exhaust port configuration & optional reversing system.
PT6A-20B55062869 x 27 x 393600Similar to the PT6A-20ecept for optional reversing system.
PT6A-2155062869 x 27 x 39Hawker Beechcraft KingAir C90A/B/SE
Turbine Air Bonanza
3600The PT6A-21 is basically a de-rated PT6A-27.
PT6A-2555062869 x 27 x 39Hawker Beechcraft T34C3000Similar to the PT6A-21, except for inverted flight modifications, optional torque controller and aluminum castings.
PT6A-25A55062869 x 27 x 39Hawker Beechcraft T34C
Pilatus Turbo Trainer PC-7/PC-7 MKII
PZL-Okecie PZL-130 TE
Turbo Orlik
3000Similar to the PT6A-25, with magnesium castings in place of aluminum castings.
PT6A-25C55062869 x 27 x 39Embraer EMB-312 Tucano
Pilatus PC-7/PC-7 MKII Turbo Trainer
PZL-Okecie PZL-130 TC-II Turbo-Orlik
3000Similar to the PT6A-25, utilizing a PT6A-34 hot section, PT6T-3B STage 1 compressor blades, long inducer propellor, PT6A-100 large bore reduction gears and PT6A-25A installation features. - Rated same as PT6A-34.
PT6A-2768062869 x 27 x 39Beechcraft 99A
Beechcraft B99
Bombardier (deHavilland) DHC-6 Twin Otter Series 300
Embraer Bandeirante EMB-110
LET L410
Pilatus PC-6 Turbo Porter
3600Similar to the basic model featuring higher ratings, revised engine parts and integrated reversing mechanism.
PT6A-2868062869 x 27 x 39Hawker Beechcraft 99A
Hawker Beechcraft KingAir A100
Hawker Beechcraft KingAir E90
Embraer EMB-121
Piper Cheyenne II/IIXL
3600Similar to the PT6A-27, with higher ITT limits.
PT6A-2975062869 x 27 x 393600The PT6A-29 is similar to the basic model, but features higher ratings and has revised Stage 1 reduction gearing.
PT6A-3475062869 x 27 x 39Embraer Bandeirante EMB-110/11
Embraer Caraja
Frakes Mallard
Pacific Aerospace XSTOL (750XL)
Quest Kodiak
Vazar Dash 3 Turbine Otter
Viking DHC-6 Twin Otter 400
4000Similar to the the PT6A-27, but has a compressor turbine similar to the PT6T-3 for higher ratings.
PT6A-34B75062869 x 27 x 39Hawker Beechcraft T44A
4000Same as the PT6A-34 except for aluminum major castings in place of magnesium alloy.
PT6A-34AG75062869 x 27 x 39Air Tractor AT 502B
Frakes Turbo Cat Model A/B/C
Pacific Aerospace 750
PZL-Okecie PZL-106 Turbo-Kruk
Schweizer G-164B AG-Cat Turbine
Schweizer G-164D AG-Cat Turbine
Thrush 510P
3500The agricultural version of the PT6A-34.
PT6A-3675062869 x 27 x 39Hawker BEechcraft C99 Airliner4000Similar to the PT6A-34 having increased ITT limits.
PT6A-3875077081 x 29 x 332000The PT6A-38 is a derated PT6A-41.
PT6A-4075077081 x 29 x 333000/3600Similar to the PT6A-42, excpet for increased flat rating ad manual fuel control override.
PT6A-4185077081 x 29 x 33Beechcraft King Air 200/B200
Piper Cheyenne III/IIIA
3000/3600The PT6A-41 is an engine model which features a modified compressor and 2 stage power turbine for higher ratings.
PT6A-41AG85077081 x 29 x 33Schweizer G-164D
AG-CAT Turbine
o/cThe agricultural version of the PT6A-41.
PT6A-4285083081 x 29 x 33Beechcraft C12F
Beechcraft King Air 200/B200
Blackhawk XP42 King Air 200
StandardAero King Air 200
3000/3600Similar to the PT6A-41 except for increased cruise rating and increased ITT limits with improved compressor reduced loss exhaust ducts.
PT6A-45112085081 x 29 x 33Shorts 3304500The PT6A-45 is similar to the PT6A-41 with increased gearing for higher ratings.
PT6A-45A117385081 x 29 x 33Shorts 3304500Same as a PT6A-45 with increased T/O ratings and ITT limits.
PT6A-45B117385081 x 29 x 33Shorts 3304500Similar to the PT6A-45A excpet for increased augmentation fluid flow for T/O rating to a higher inlet temperature.
PT6A-45R119785081 x 29 x 33Shorts 330
Shorts C-23A Sherpa
4500Similar to the PT6A-45B except for provision for automatic power increase from ALT. T/O power to T/O power.
PT6A-501120107086 x 34 x 35Bombardier Dash 75500The PT6A-50 is similar to the PT6A-45A with a new reduction gearbox.
PT6A-60105083081 x 29 x 33Hawker Beechcraft KingAir 3003600The PT6A-60 is an up-rated PT6A-42, featuring a new Stage 1 compressor gas producer turbine from the PT6A-65, and gearbox from the PT6A-45.
PT6A-60A105083081 x 29 x 33Hawker Beechcraft KingAir 300/350/350i3600Similar to the PT6A-60 except for upgraded altitude performance.
PT6A-6185083081 x 29 x 33Piper Cheyenne III/IIIA3600Basically a PT6A-60 with a PT6A-42 gearbox.
PT6A-61A85083081 x 29 x 33Piper Cheyenne III/IIIA3600Upgraded PT6A-60 for uprated altitude performance.
PT6A-6295083081 x 29 x 33KA1-KT-1/KO-1
Pilatus Turbo Trainer PC-9
3000Similar to the PT6A-60, but is de-rated to 950 SHP - used on the Pilatus PC-9.
PT6A-6470083081 x 29 x 33EADS Socata TBM 700
Socata TBM 700
3000700 456 Similar to the PT6A-66 - de-rated with a max ITT of 1472 degrees.
PT6A-65AG130093081 x 29 x 33Air Tractor AT 602
Air Tractor AT 802/802A/802AF/802F
Thrush 660
Thrush 710P
3000Agricultural version of the PT6A-65.
PT6A-65AR142493081 x 29 x 33AMI DC-3
Shorts 360-360-300
Shorts C-6000
23B Super Sherpa
6000Similar to the PT6A-65R excpet fr up-rated maximum continuous power rating.
PT6A-65B117393081 x 29 x 33Beechcraft 1900/1900C
Polish Aviation Factory M28 Skytruck
6000The PT6A-65B is similar to the PT6A-45 except for an additional axial compressor stage and increased diameter gas producer turbine wheel.
PT6A-65R137693081 x 29 x 33Shorts 360/360-300 6000The PT6A-65R is similar to the PT6A-45 except for an additional axial compressor stage and increased diameter gas producer turbine wheel.
PT6A-6685093081 x 29 x 33National Aerospace Laboratories Saras
PIAGGIO Avanti P-180
3000The PT6A-66 is the basic free turbine turbo-propulsion engine model. This engine can be overhauled or maintained as three modules.
PT6A-67120093081 x 29 x 33Hawker Beechcraft RC-12K3000Has a max ITT of 1544 degrees with a T/O output speed of 1700 rpm.
PT6A-67A120093081 x 29 x 33Beechcraft Starship
3000Similar to the PT6A-67 with a max ITT of of 1562 degrees. Used on the Beech Starship.
PT6A-67AF110093081 x 29 x 33Conair Aviation - S2Turbo-Firecat3000Flat rated PT6A-67 used on a Conair/IMP Turbo-Firecat.
PT6A-67B120093081 x 29 x 33Pilatus PC123500Similar to PT6A-67A with, with max ITT of 1472 degrees.
PT6A-67CF165093081 x 29 x 33Conair Aviation - S2Turbo-Firecat3000The PT6A-67CF is a growth veriosn of the PT6A-67AF and is flat-rated to 1650 shp.
PT6A-67D127993081 x 29 x 33Hawker Beechcraft 1900D6000Similar to the PT6A-67A, but is higher rated. Maximum ITT is at 1571 degrees.
PT6A-67R142451581 x 29 x 33Basler Turbo BT-67
Shorts 360 / 360-300
6000Similar to the PT6A-67, but with a max ITT of 1571 degrees. Also includes provisions for automatic power increases from alt T/O power to T/O power.
PT6A-11047562869 x 27 x 393600Similar to the PT6A-11 except for the introduction of the PT6A-135 reduction gearbox.
PT6A-11250062869 x 27 x 39Cessna Conquest I
Reims F406 Caravan II
3600Similar to the PT6A-27, except that it incorporates PT6A-41 fuel system concepts and PT6A-135 RGB.
PT6A-11460062869 x 27 x 39Cessna 208/208B
Caravan I
3600Similar to the PT6A-135 with a single port exhaust and PT6A-41 fuel system, PT6A-135 RGB.
PT6A-11670062869 x 27 x 39Dornier 128-6 Turbo
Similar to the PT6A-135 except for reduced T/O and max continuous power & toraue limit, and with PT6A-121 externals.
PT6A-12161562869 x 27 x 39Piaggio P-166-DL33600Similar to the PT6A-21 except for a PT6A-136 RGB and PT6A-112 Power Turbine.
PT6A-13575062869 x 27 x 39Embraer EMB-121
Piper Cheyenn II/IIXL
Vazar Dash 3
Turbine Otter
3600Similar t the PT6A-36 except for new reduction gearbox and higher cruise rating.
PT6A-135A75062869 x 27 x 39Beechcraft King Air F90-1/C90GT/C90GTi/C90GTx
Blackhawk XP135A Cheyenne Series
Blackhawk XP135A Conquest I
Blackhawk XP135A King Air 90 Series
Cessna Conquest I
Lancair International Inc. Evolution
Silverhawk 135/StandardAero C90/E90
StandardAero Cheyenne Series
StandardAero King Air F90
T-G Aviation Super Cheyenne®
Vazar Dash 3 Turbine Otter
3600Siilar to the PT6A-135 except for an increased thermodynamic capability compressor.

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