Saving money in the future in the future is easier than you might think! A great way is to buy in the past!  PT6A-21, -27, -28, and -34 original CT disks just went from list price at $88,000 to $96,000 in their 2020 pricing guide. If you need a disk in the next year, in 3 years, or even on your next visit, then we recommend buying in the past. You are able to supply some of these high dollar parts to your overhaul. BG Aerospace manages overhauls every year and we can buy and store parts for your upcoming engine overhaul. If you know whats coming due, then why pay next year’s price? Look for what you need now and save yourself 1000’s of dollars. 

If you’re unsure of what you need, call us and we will be glad to help you understand what’s coming due. A few simple steps and we can help you save thousands of dollars. This is what we do and we love doing it.

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