Engine Starting and ITT temperature

PT6A engine, PWC engine, Turboprop

Monitoring the health and well being of your engines is an essential part of your daily operations. Maintaining the value of your assets and saving money in the long term on shop visits, as well as regularly scheduled maintenance activities are key points to a successful business. Engine starting and ITT temperature are key aspects […]

Igniter Plugs

Did you know that a very small and often overlooked component can play a major role on the performance of your engine? The Igniter plugs (or Spark Igniters) need to be inspected regularly to ensure serviceability. These little components are key during the engine start sessions. If left unchecked they can become unserviceable, having a […]

Engine Corrosion… Prevention, Treatment & Solutions

Operating in salt-laden environments can be incredibly scenic but can also provide it’s own set of challenges, especially on a PT6A engine. In this quick article we’ll address PT6A engine corrosion with a focus on prevention, treatment and solutions. If you’re taking off and landing within 10 miles of the sea, or your route is […]

Re-Preservation & Test Cell services

Re_preservation & Test Cell procedure - PT6 engines

If you haven’t followed the standard PWC preservation procedures while inactive, there is no need to panic. BG Aerospace has some low cost solutions for you that will help you get you back up and flying. The Re-Preservation & Test Cell procedure includes splitting the engine at the A, C, and G flanges, and followed […]

Smart Engine Pricing

Saving money

Smart Engine Pricing is the way to go when it comes to building the right engine. Just because you have new parts doesn’t mean that they are matched properly. The OEM’s smart program isn’t for everyone. It’s the heart of your engine so why compromise with performance when the minimum is done because of set […]

Saving money on parts by buying in the past

CT disks and parts

Saving money in the future in the future is easier than you might think! A great way is to buy in the past!  PT6A-21, -27, -28, and -34 original CT disks just went from list price at $88,000 to $96,000 in their 2020 pricing guide. If you need a disk in the next year, in 3 […]

Engine Management Consulting

Engine management is a team effort. The shops that we work with always come highly recommended and do excellent work. That being said, it does happen sometimes that in the quick turnaround time of an efficient shop on occasion some things can be missed or overlooked. Over the years we have monitored numerous overhauls for […]