Monitoring the health and well being of your engines is an essential part of your daily operations. Maintaining the value of your assets and saving money in the long term on shop visits, as well as regularly scheduled maintenance activities are key points to a successful business. Engine starting and ITT temperature are key aspects to this.

When it comes to engine starting and ITT temperature, the basic rule is the cooler the start, the better the long-term internal turbine conditions. Experience has shown that the GPU (Ground Power Unit) assisted starts result in cooler starts. Starting with the aircraft pointing into the wind tends to reduce the starting temperature as well. If using the battery to start, you should ensure that the Battery Voltage is 28V, the Starter Generator is in good condition, and all connections and nuts are clean and tight.

To help reduce the ITT, it is recommended to start the engine with fuel turned on between 14 and 16% NG. This will be especially effective if the engine Interstage Turbine Temperature (ITT) is greater than 200 Degrees prior to startup.

The ITT refers to the temperature of the gases produced by the exhaust between the HP (high pressure) and LP (low pressure) turbines. This temperature (in either Celsius or Fahrenheit) can be read on a gauge, which is found in the cockpit. The temperature is usually measured by several thermocouples which are mounted in the exhaust stream.

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