Trends and Foreign Object Damage reporting.  It is paramount to have a good understanding of your insurance policy with regard to Foreign Object Damage (FOD). Frequently many operators go in for repairs and/or overhaul and later find out that FOD wear and tear is not collectible. Even a big hit rendering your blade or rotor is not going to be covered without a single documented event. For this reason (and many others) it is extremely important to get a good base line performance run, and then perform regular runs for trending purposes. If the trend shifts, immediately start looking at the compressor, and log the shift. If there is some FOD report it! It can be serviceable and continue to run, however; the insurance company should be made aware. If some scrappage occurs due to multiple hits that are detected at the next repair, and they are a direct result of that event, operators can save quite a bit of money. It’s a fight worth having with the insurance company. The event and log entry of it is the important rule to follow. 

The PT6 engine is a work horse, so even small shifts can indicate FOD that is serviceable on wing but later scrap due to cord width. 

In the case of trends and Foreign Object Damage reporting, it is highly recommended to log all shifts, investigate and report.

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