Engine management is a team effort. The shops that we work with always come highly recommended and do excellent work. That being said, it does happen sometimes that in the quick turnaround time of an efficient shop on occasion some things can be missed or overlooked. Over the years we have monitored numerous overhauls for our operator clients worldwide. Frequently we will request on site review of potentially scrapped parts. Once on-site, and upon closer inspection by us, we sometimes find that these parts are still within Overhaul manual limits or extended repairs. Sometimes just taking a few extra minutes can potentially save tens of thousands of dollars. The job of an Engine Manager is all about saving you money and finding creative ways to do so, all while staying within OH manual limits. The result being a lower operating cost for our operators. The bottom line is that everyone wins… The operator saves tens of thousands of dollars, the engine manager gets a small compensation with excellent references, and the overhaul agency gets a returning client while providing excellent service. The overhaul facilities are happy to work with The operators are always happy to save costs and maintain the value of the asset. If you are coming up on overhaul or repair give us a call. Consulting on your project is free, and we would be pleased to provide with potential quotations. Contact Bernie Gale for further information.