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Excessive Temperature in the Hot Section

    A common issue that some of our aircraft operators experience revolves around the excessive temperature in the hot section. We’ve put together a few recommendations that are aimed at increasing hot section life in your PT6 and PW100 engines. Oxidation life is driven by temperature and time, and thus reducing engine operating temperature will always be economically beneficial.

    A few tips that might be able to help to reduce overtemping incidents in your Hot Section

    Engine cool down and taxi with both engines running can help to reduce excessive temperature in the hot sections.

    • An engine cool down period of 2 minutes at power lever angles between flight idle and ground idle prior to shutdown, will assist in reducing residual heat build-up in the engine and nacelle and also reduce the level of fuel nozzles choking. This period includes taxiing as long as power is at or below flight idle. The approach phase may also be included in the cool down period as long as power is at, but not above flight idle. Leaving both engines running during taxi reduces the amount of power required from each engine, hence operating the engines at a cooler temperature and reducing the likelihood of excessive temperatures in the hot section.

    Bleed off during take-off:

    • Selecting bleed off during take-off segment decreases engine operating temperatures, resulting in an increased hot section life.

    Remember that enemy Number 1 of engine life is the Temperature.

    For more tips and tricks don’t hesitate to contact a member of our team.

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